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Assigned to prepare the Bank Job A to Z

Those who want to make a career in the bank, how they prepare it with our full host of this year. More are in the banking diploma, MBM and online courses followed and model questions.


Bank recruitment exam papers have generally been prepared by the University Institute of Business Administration (IBA), the Faculty of Business Studies, Economics Department and the Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM). Exam time can be up to three hours. Some banks have a question about four-five. However, the question is the subject of any of the three banks. To prepare all things must be known. If you prepare the questions same as the way, is good.

Test Method
Bankers from one bank to another bank recruitment exam, despite some differences in the type of questions are usually the same. Employment experiments are questions for 100 marks. After the written test MCQ is almost all banks.
MCQ is the question Bengali, English, mathematics, general knowledge, life sciences and computer, Analytical Abilene, pajeles and data from sufficiency part. The written test questions or descriptive mathematics, English and Analytical part from Abilene. However, the question of Islamic banks is a little different. In addition to these issues, there are several questions about Islamic culture and the economy. Government and Islamic banks in question other than banks are usually in English. During the test the distribution and the number of variations can be seen in various banks.

Questions about Bengali grammar and literature from the turn. Grammar, language, letters, words, sentences, suture separation, gender, number, spelling correctness, AP and ending, samas, terms, nature-suffixes, idioms, word, publish, translate, economic articles, and the question is. The origin and development of the Bengali language and literature, biographies and works of renowned poets, literary events, characters and quotes, etc. in question is the editor of the newspapers.

English more mistake that job candidates in recruitment examinations will be special preparation. In particular letter, word, sentence, parts of speech, voice, narration, phrase and idioms, correction, tense, number, gender, person, completing sentence, correct spelling, synoûm, antoûm will learn as well. The famous literary works and authors, poets, biographies and creative, diverse poetry, stories, novels and plays special Like the idea of the character and will keep.

Many groups fear the math exam assignment work. Regular exercise is the best way to spend this fear. The math portion of the test can mean better recruitment of bankers, speed, ratio, percentage, measurement and single, interest calculation, due to its modest profit-loss and solve complex problems have to learn it well. Besides lasagu-gasagu, unitary method, class, straight, evaluating the quality of the rules, determining samanta section, you will learn the solution and geometric formulas and definitions.

Common sense
Bangladesh is the question of common sense and international issues. To answer the geographical affairs of Bangladesh, size, boundaries, rivers, agricultural, forestry, animal and mineral resources, the political history and the War of Liberation, industry and commerce, organizations and institutions, awards and honors, economic systems, ethnic identity and the recent will be important to find out the facts. The recent international events, world politics, continent, country and nation, outline and space, international agencies and organizations, contracts and certificates, awards and honors, the global economy, industry and commerce, sport, famous personalities, the famous Places Knowledge should be.

Everyday Science and Computer
Several of the questions in the test are the recruitment of bankers and computer science. To answer a variety of science and discovery, life science, heat, light, electricity, sound, magnets, human, plant and zoology, food and nutrition, medical science, space science, environmental science, geography, physical geography, minerals and soils, atmosphere, engineering, science and technology, electronics, and computer related information that must be known.

Analytical Abilene, pajalse, data sufficiency
Bankers recruitment exam examination intelligence, analytical ability to put several questions to verify. Please use your own intelligence and analytical capabilities will have to answer things. This can be difficult. The official GMAT or IQ tests at the regular practice of the book is easy to answer the questions for all the examinees.

Islamic Knowledge
Islamic Shariah based Islamic banks is the question of recruitment tests knowledge about the numbers 5-30. The Islamic Shariah based banks that want to work with them and other things to keep in Islamic knowledge. In particular, authority, law, intelligence, purity, and companions of the Prophet-Messenger biography, Islamic society, the system, Islamic finance, Islamic Book and Author, Qur’an and hadith, Muslim poets, philosophers and scientists, life and work, jihad, movement and organization knowledge about how to be.

Other helpful Subjects
Bankers recruitment examinations from eighth to twelfth grade text books to be read on a regular basis. Daily national newspapers as well as The Times, Reader’s Digest, Economics of international newspapers to be read on a regular basis. For example, a monthly magazine as well as the latest news on current world, current affairs, current news, etc. will be read. Bankers in the previous year, containing a recruitment exam papers are available in several books. These are questions to be answered will be quite easy, when practiced regularly.


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