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Bank job preparation and study


The long-term preparation to get a job in the public or private bank; Many studies. Undergraduate studies can start at the end of the chrysalis. The idea is to take a look at the different banks of the question. Any bank recruitment exam is usually a two-part question. If parts of MCQ, appearance written or descriptive questions. The two parts of the test can be together again may be different. Varies according to the test of time and can be seen at the bank. However, no matter the question, if the proper preparation, entering the service beyond the boundaries of the preliminary and written exam is just a matter of time.

The initial screening test: in order to better the timing, immediate intelligence, constant attention and morale is very important. In addition, due to the provision of extra care in cutting the number of incorrect answers. State-owned banks Bengali, English, mathematics, general knowledge of computer technology over the questions for 100 marks. BCS is helpful along with other public service recruitment exam preparation tests state-owned banks. Although most of the questions from the literature of the Bengali grammar, spelling or sentence purging adage proverb, idiom, joints, samas, nature and conviction, one word comes to disclosure. When the whole of the ninth-tenth grade Bengali grammar is good. English synonyms, contrary to section with sound grammar questions. Biology, diagnosis and correction of errors in the sentence, failed to complete sentences and passages from the Catechism of the bank, the more practice recruitment tests can be answered quickly. Have more time for other parts of the hand. In mathematics, it takes a relatively long time. In mathematics as part of the test is to verify the mathematical analysis capabilities. There is no alternative to good practice in the area of mathematics. Cultivate the habit of solutions to address the English language without a calculator. Any book is a good market for computer technology trainees.

Written test: MCQ on preliminary tests, good job in the bank will depend largely on the written exam marks. This means you have better odds and ends of information in the possession of the preliminary examination. Now turn the presentation sequence in written form. In the translation, Mathematics, Bengali and English composition may be short. Must be written in the writing habit. English and Bengali in the editorial columns like this on a regular basis when it comes to work. If the analysis leads to the standard magazine reading habits, so that facilities are available in writing.

Oral exam: oral exam question you want to know, it is better to listen; Say then. Like any other job assigned vaiva banks and flowing expression, self-confidence and interest in the topic is. Introduce yourself, educational qualification, the bank because the interest, future career plans, etc., will be organized to practice speaking. In particular, need to have a clear idea about his studies.


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