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Bank Jobs – Preparation and Important tips

Bank contribute to a country’s economic prosperity is terrific. There is a saying in English, ‘The economic structure of a country depends on the banking system of the country’- the banking system depends on a country’s economic structure .. Like other countries in the world in our country’s independence is already banking activities. The series has been established in several ‘specialized banks, nationalized banks and the private banks. In this era of competition, 55 exceeded the total number of banks and branches of banks, expanding every year. Bank contingent pay and allowances, benefits, job security and social status of the profession due to the growing interest in young people.
bank job
Banking Operations “The main functions of the bank deposits and loans for which the money is paid. This definition implies that a bank accepts the deposit, lending, and the check is introduced. The foreign trade in financial transactions to support the important work of the Bank.

Bank jobs There are four branches in the field, mainly as a modern bank. Branches of reference are briefly presented here:

1. Operation Branch: Usually this branch Financial Administration Division, Infrastructure Division, Software Group, different branches supervision department, human resources department, and marketing departments are performed.

2. Investment Branch: it is an important branch of the bank. Small Enterprise and Consumer Division, Property Management Division, Department of Investment Policy and Planning Division and monitoring work is performed in this branch.

3. International Banking Unit: This unit operates major facilities in the foreign trade department, garment department, management department and the foreign remittance department of revenue funding.

4. Internal Control and Compliance Branch: Usually Monitoring Division, Compliance Division and the Audit and Supervision Department is responsible for performing the work.

Recruitment Process
Public banks and private banks, there are some differences in the recruitment process generally. State-owned banks, while the recruitment process, students can apply to all faculty, private banks and business studies students are given precedence over itself.
Any bank official media are used mainly for job ads. That is the job of the national magazine websites and banks own website ads are hiring staff.

Government bank recruitment process
Government banks are basically three positions are created for the newly recruited graduates
1. Supervisor
2. Officer
3. Senior Officer
Also in some cases, some people are appointed. For example, IT (Information Technology), Accounting, etc. branches. It is called in banking ‘Special Recruitment’. But recruitments are usually not allowed. Usually done in a matter of skilled and experienced people here are recruited.

Private Bank recruitment process
The recruitment process is usually non-bank banks rely on its own (policy) on. There are some banks which are similar to a lot of the hiring process, and there are some banks who arrange their own recruitment process takes.

Four entry points to the employees of the private banks have been. This is the entry point: Tailored Recruitment, General Banking Recruitment, Management Trainee Officer (MTO) or Probationary Officer (PO) Recruitment, Lateral Recruitment.

Tailored Recruitment: Private banks, usually at Tailored Recruitment of new job seekers are recruited for a specific position.

For example, if a bank cashier’s vacant bank will mention that their job advertisements. Recipients assigned in this manner will be concentrated at the bank careers usually cash. Banking jargon, ‘Tailored Recruitment’ is called.

Qualifies: Bachelor’s degree holders in any discipline can apply to this post. However, some banks are giving priority to graduates of specific issues (such as MBM Degree). Minimum 2nd class is required in every examination.

General Banking Recruitment
Appointment of General Banking at different positions for different branches of the bank employees usually are.

Qualifies: In this case, the applicant is entitled to all the test for at least a second class degree in General Banking- if you can apply.

Lateral Recruitment: For those with experience in this latest entry point. The educational qualifications or age-specific restrictions. Anyone, at any time, in any manner that could be assigned.

Qualifies: Usually the applicant banks Marketing, HR, IT-related job experience is more. Lateral Recruitment of inexperienced people at the bank can make a career in banking.

Management Trainee Officer (MTO) or Probationary Officer (PO) Recruitment Each bank or PO position specially for MTO staff are recruited through highly scrutiny. Attractive salary, as well as the ranking of individuals is promoted very quickly.

MTO or PO does not contain any terms of initial conditions. Appropriate training and probationary period after the end of their senior officer or principal officer is appointed. Who is currently Managing Director of the bank, including a variety of positions, many of them at the beginning of career began as MTO or Probationary Officer. However, in terms of these two, but several adjustments are some differences. MTO recent graduates as well as any bank or PO is appointed.

MTO and Probationary Officer Recruitment received the initial salary is 25 to 35 thousand Taka. Experience increases with the amount of money.
MTO is colloquially called ‘They are the future leaders of the bank’. They are the future of the rescuer in a bank. The end of the probationary period will be staying at a MTO- what determines the bank’s policies, MTO- of the probationary period, on the competence and training.

Usually all of the degree, students can apply at MTO or PO. However, some private banks, some of the graduates is the priority. Such as business administration, English, statistics, economics, mathematics, etc. Usually a maximum of 30 years to determine the age of a job application.

Additional facilities
Payroll employment in the bank as well as some of the original scope. They are:
– Two years of formal allowance.
– Two – Three Bonus’s every year.
– Employed loans, computer loans, home loans, etc.

After retiring from a job in a bank and a variety of projects, private companies, banks and other job opportunities. State and foreign banks have branches in other countries. Based on the good performance of the external branch, you can find job opportunities. Salary is based on experience and expertise in the field of employment in the bank continues to grow.

Test methods and the types of questions
Various state-owned, specialized and non-banks of the recruitment test groups according to the bank, but some differences in the type of questions are about the same. However, depending on the types of questions on the assignment heads. Written or oral, or the appointment of the two types of tests. The selected candidates can take the written exam, oral examination.

Written Test
Public and private banks have some differences in recruitment exam question. Usually assigned to the bank’s question is formulated University Institute of Business Administration (IBA), the Faculty of Business Studies, Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM) or similar institutions. Questions of 100 marks in the written examination is English or English. The question is usually divided into two parts. Descriptive part of the first part and the second is impersonal. The test of time can be up to three hours. Parts of the question is, are usually impersonal Bengali, English, mathematics, general knowledge, science, computers, Analytic ability, Puzzles, and the Data Sufficiency. The written or descriptive test questions in math, English, and the analytic ability. However, the question of Islamic banks are a different style. Except as described in the question of the Islamic culture and the economy have several questions. Government and Islamic banking questions from other banks are usually in English. The test of time and the number of distribution is varied in different banks.

Oral examination
Worthy of mention is the part of the bank recruitment exam, oral examination. Approximately a 15-minute oral exam based on the ability to turn an employer candidates for analysis, wisdom, communication skills, leadership abilities are verified. Selected for the contingent of candidates in the oral test step with emphasis on the employer’s basically it. As well as the candidate has studied the question of whether it could be. The financial institutions, the monetary policy, capital market, the economic situation of the country’s budget, agriculture, etc., from aspiring asked. Moreover, banking and financial services candidates will learn the terminology well. There are many books on the market that all these things can be helpful for the preparation of candidates.

To take the Preparing
For Commerce graduates:
Bachelor of Business Administration degree, or equivalent, for those who may not be very interesting career, whether you are a student can take the right preparations. For entry-level positions in the Faculty of Business from a side door is open for student recruitment examination. However, the fierce competitive in today’s job market you need to be assigned to a student’s dream of his banking career, the timely preparation.

Since the banks hiring procedure is almost identical for both public and private banks, the test is to follow a separate syllabus much. Impersonal and recent issues for the written test will be fully tamed.

Better prepare yourself for the oral examination will take. Since the analysis of the ability of the oral examination, the presence of mind, communication skills, leadership abilities have been verified, the candidates have already prepared myself to keep these matters. Private banks want to stay a long time to test the banking profession to verify whether there is the possibility that the oral exam. So prepare yourself for a test-sufficient concentration will take the oral examination.

For graduates of other than trade:
Banks recruit students for exams like the Department of Commerce; Science and other departments to prepare students. In other words, in English, Bengali, mathematics, etc. to develop the skills to take on some of the issues. As well as the general activities of the bank and on terms to acquire knowledge.

Although the current context of the banking profession has become very popular, however, that the decision should be to you, for you or for your banking career in the banking profession is perfect. Contingent pay and allowances, or others will be doing it to make you think about it, if you continue to make a career in the banking profession, then you are definitely wrong. Because any work to continue his’ desire ‘and’ Qualification’-considered move should be. So anyone who wants to make a career in the banking profession early in the course of this job will be to analyze.


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