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Want to be a banker? However!

bank job

The younger generation, who are now preparing to enter the job market, or just entered service, the bank’s job is now much more attractive to them. Attractive salary, social esteem, career opportunities to fast-forward, this is the match that a few profession, banking in a. The newly approved nine banks, a total number of 56 banks. Four bank official. 5 The rest of the banks, 39 non-governmental, international specialization four and nine. Every Year market demand, banks have been expanding their branch. The need for skilled manpower. The number of private banks and branches, of growth, improved customer service and amenities are sure that the creation of new opportunities to build a career here. Every year, large banks were being taken. In the case of the young people are being given priority.
MA Hashem said United Commercial Bank, the country needs more skilled manpower with the increase in the number of banks. Young people are eager to join in the banks. Because, the environment beautiful, beautiful future, and merit evaluation. He is a talented banker can be established within a short time financially. Banking profession, job security than any other profession in our country a lot more. Such austerity cut staff usually not seen in the banking sector.

Job security is not the only thing that is happening, in case the scope for young people, it inspires them into prostitution.

HSBC chief human resources officer Aditya Narayan says, gives priority to recruit more young people in the banks. Because, they can learn to do in a short time. He originally comes from young people all the exceptions. So in the coming days the bank will increase the demand for young people to think that. We have time to recruit students outside the academic results at the value of the co-ed. It requires the development of a human and fair. If prostitution were advertising in the newspapers before the appointment. If the bank is required to apply for jobs in the second class. Some banks, however, gives priority to the first class. Students have to pass all sections of the application in this profession, but generally MBA, MBM done in the case of candidates received preferential treatment. Most of the bank’s 100 number is usually the first to MCQ examination is completed. The candidate will have to take the first step after passing the written test. After passing the MCQ and a written test to face the final interview. The preparations here are usually in English only. North South University Career and Professional Development Services Job Counselor Shahnaz Islam have long been advising on the preparation of students in the job. He said that our country is a bit different, but the basic structure of the bank depending on the type of questions is the same. Usually the question is, Bengali, English, mathematics, general knowledge, life sciences and computer, Analytical Abilene, pajalse and data from sufficiency part. The written test questions or descriptive mathematics, English and Analytical part from Abilene. If the test is assigned to the bank every day to read the newspapers, TV news will see the need to have a clear idea about contemporary issues. Quite important to be proficient in English. G-mat question to be resolved. During the past year with the appointment of the bank to be able to solve questions.

Farzana Haque BBA student last semester at the university. Farzana said, my dream to be a banker. To achieve the dream of her graduation at the end of the first step, the second step so that the banks have already started recruitment exam preparation now.
So, reader, you know, there are endless possibilities banking profession. A good banker of the beautiful work environment, social status, work quickly to take the lead and make sure you’re getting life. So you can choose to close our eyes to this wonderful life. Endure a little pain, a little jump with strict diligence to the bank, then you do not have to think of something else, banks can take you to the peak of success.


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